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  2. COMMON If you mark time, you do not do anything interesting or of value, because you are waiting to see how a situation develops. He had failed his college exams and was marking time working in a baker's shop. People think that I'm marking time till I can make movies or Broadway shows.
  3. mark time definition: 1. to march in one place without moving forward 2. to do little while waiting for something that is. Learn more.
  4. 10 reviews of Mark Time "Mark was very knowledgeable and his expertise was very helpful. I called and he answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. He informed me the Gucci watch I wanted was not in stock and would take roughly 2 weeks for delivery.4/5(10).
  5. The dial on the machine must mark time with the clock on the wall. As the singing proceeds they mark time with their hands and feet. RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR MARK TIME.
  6. Marking time is a military step in which soldiers march in place, moving their legs as in marching, but without stepping forward. [1] The military drill command is "Mark Time!” to change from standing at attention to 'Marking Time' or to change from marching at 'Quick Time' to 'Marking Time'.
  7. 3 Position Commercial Grade Time Switch. – 2-Position Commercial Grade Time Switch. Electronic Decorator Fan/Light Time Switch. Cycle & ETI Timers. C10 – C11 Series. Motorized Cycle Timers. – Series. Hour Meters. Instruction Manuals. – I&O Instructions.
  8. MARK TIME AWARDS The Mark Time Awards are given in recognition of the best current audio theatre productions in the genres of science fiction (Mark Time Award), fantasy and horror (The Ogle Award), and mystery/detective (The Danger Prize).The competition launches a new category for best comedy— The Squeeky Pickle Runyon Award is open to a production in any of the above .