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  1. Midge, (family Chironomidae), also called chironomid, nonbiting midge, or gnat, any of a group of tiny two-winged flies (order Diptera) that superficially resemble mosquitoes. Although they resemble mosquitoes, midges are harmless, with small mouthparts that are not elongated into a piercing structure for blood feeding.
  2. Biting midges are small flies that develop near swampy areas. These insects can be major pests since they bite and draw blood from their victims, including humans. The adult flies are gray in color and less than 1/8 of an inch long. Biting midges have segmented antennae, two wings, six legs and females have a proboscis for drawing blood.
  3. Our midgie head net, also known as a midge hood, has a showerproof breathable microfibre top, and very fine soft mesh material for excellent visibility and comfort. It is shaped in loosely at the neck with elastic, and best of all is our innovative snug-fit collarette, It is also completely suitable as a mosquito net.
  4. Midges are tiny flying insects with a wingspan of only mm. There are over 35 different species of biting midge in Scotland, but it is Culicoides impunctatus, otherwise known as the Highland Midge that earns its place as Scotland’s most ferocious foe.
  5. Love, Midgie’s incredible adventures are based on a true story and are illustrated with historic photographs and postcards, including photographs from Midgie’s actual family album. Readers are able to see views of the actual locations, neighborhoods, and houses Midgie saw in
  6. Aug 29,  · Midges are gnat-like two-winged flies in the order Diptera, which encompasses a wide range of individual species. Many people find these files to be extremely annoying and unpleasant, and there are fortunately a number of ways to deal with them.
  7. Jan 29,  · ‘Midge’ as a term defines not any particular taxonomic group but is inclusive of various families of Nematoceran Diptera. To break it in layman’s words, Nematocera is also known as the long-horned fly. The term originated from the Greek word ‘Nemato’ meaning ‘thread’ and ‘cera’ meaning ‘horn’.
  8. Biting midges are small insects that have piercing and sucking mouth parts. They belong to the family of flies that are called Certoponidae. The biting midges are known to cause a lot of disturbance and nuisance when they bite especially in the coastal lagoons, mangrove forests, swamps and the tidal flats.