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  1. Octave definition is - an 8-day period of observances beginning with a festival day. How to use octave in a sentence.
  2. Apr 13,  · In Western music, octaves are connected in 12 equal intervals. Each of these 12 intervals brings us to a new note. They are as follows: C C# / Db D D# / Eb E F F# / Gb G G# / Ab A A# / Bb B. The notes with slashes can be called by either name, depending upon which key we’re in. For instance, the note F# is found in the key of D and it’s the.
  3. Octave definition at culnusomrelourent.globinatdisdaigasinorerabeho.co, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
  4. Octave, in music, an interval whose higher note has a sound-wave frequency of vibration twice that of its lower note. Thus the international standard pitch A above middle C vibrates at hertz (cycles per second); the octave above this A vibrates at hertz, while the octave below it vibrates.
  5. What are octaves? You have probably heard the term octave. But what does it mean? To say that a note is one octave higher means to say that the note is the same, but it is in a higher section of the instrument. Imagine a piano. On it, the keys on the left are lower than the keys on the right.
  6. Law of octaves, in chemistry, the generalization made by the English chemist J.A.R. Newlands in that, if the chemical elements are arranged according to increasing atomic weight, those with similar physical and chemical properties occur after each interval of seven elements.
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  8. Not many singers have been blessed with a five octave or greater vocal range, the average being three octaves. But in terms of giant vocal ranges, three singers come to mind: Freddie Mercury The ever so famous gay singer of Queen. Freddy Mercury w.
  9. Octaves, which exclude all or practically all occuring and transferred feasts, are called privileged. The octaves of saints were treated almost like that of the Ascension. This classification entailed the application of a certain number of rubrics, the details of which can be .